Advanced Topics in Computer Graphics, 236629: Vector Field Analysis on Surfaces

Spring 2017, Thu 9:30 – 12:30, Taub 401

Seminar on Vector Field Analysis on Surfaces

In this seminar you will be introduced to the analysis and design of vector fields on discrete surfaces, by reading and discussing recent research papers on the topic.
The first few meetings will be dedicated to some basic background about vector calculus, and vector calculus on surfaces.
Topics include:

  • Vector field representations
  • Smooth vector field design
  • Vector field visualization
  • Vector field simplification
  • Applications: texture synthesis
  • Applications: curvature estimation
  • Applications: quad meshing
  • Applications: fluid simulation

To allow foreign students to participate, the talks will be given in English.


  • Each student will present a research paper in the seminar.
  • The presentation is 50-70 minutes, and should include enough details to understand the paper, and where it stands in the context of other papers. You will need to read the paper carefully, implement a simplified version of it (e.g. one of the algorithms suggested), and discuss its pros and cons. Grading will be based on your ability to analyze the paper, and discuss the research results.
  • Final grade: 60% presentation, 40% partial implementation of the paper.
  • Attendance is mandatory.

Some background in geometry is helpful, but not necessary.

List of papers: TBD