Mirela Ben-ChenI am a Professor at the Center for Graphics and Geometric Computing of the Computer Science Department, at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

I’m interested in modeling and understanding the geometry of shapes. I use mathematical tools, such as discrete differential geometry, numerical optimization and harmonic analysis, for applications such as animation, fluid simulation on surfaces and computational fabrication.
An example of a problem in this domain is shape correspondence: given two human shapes can you design an algorithm that finds corresponding points on them? How would you represent the “human shape” computationally? How would you identify semantically “meaningful” feature points? How would you find a correspondence?
Another example of a problem is shape realization: given a digital shape (e.g. the façade of a building), how would you decompose it into smaller parts such that it can be fabricated?

I am a member of the Technion center for additive manufacturing and 3D printing